How to Survive Middle School

You want to know how to get through middle school. It’s plain and simple. The following are things I, a current middle schooler (nearly in high school), did to manage to stay calm through these wretched years of our life. I’m being sarcastic, it’s not that bad like some high schoolers say.

Take in mind that some of these things can be applied to your situation even if you’re not a middle schooler.

Be yourself

Just take this piece of advice seriously: be yourself. Regardless of what your sexual orientation is, your religion, your identity, your hobbies, do not be afraid to show the world who you are because if you live with a secret identity, one that isn’t yourself, you’ll feel so lost and confused.

Hang out with people you are most comfortable with

In 6th grade, I started hanging out with people that weren’t mean or anything, but I just felt really insecure with them. I was worried about what others thought and what I looked like. Because of that, my self-esteem plummeted and was at an all time low until I looked into books and used it as a sanctuary and hung out with people that I felt comfortable with at the time. In my case, it was the 5th graders. For you, it may be people from your own grade, someone older or younger, karate class, support group, parents, whatever. Just try to find someone that you can at least tell how you feel and not be judged.

Do work when it’s assigned

This is more academic than the others, but it’s just as important or more. I can not count how much missing assignments I have up to this day. The problem is not that I didn’t have the time to do them, but it’s that I just didn’t want to. Or I said, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Or, “I’ll have time for that.” UGGGGGGGGGH. Some people will be able to do it. Others, like me, can not under any circumstances not do the work earlier because they will forget or the work will pile up and they’ll just not do it. If you do it earlier, you’ll also not have to cram all about Bleeding Kansas. You’ll feel less stressed, less agitated, less annoyed at life.

Join a club or extracurricular activity

Joining a club or extracurricular activity will not only make you meet people but experience different things other than school work or sitting at desks. Something like a sport or a running group will get your heart pumping. Something like a book club will make you better at comprehending and be able to summarize a book. Not only that, but you’ll improve your reading skills. Something like a band or choir will be great. In fact, music releases dopamine which makes you feel good. If you feel good, you’ll most likely treat others better. Likewise, they’d do the same. In any activity, you make good friends and meet new people who are great if you are new at a school or town.

Be your kindest to everyone

If you’re nice, you’ll be treated better. Being treated better will make you feel good and content. Even if you have this guy you hate or someone that gets on your nerves, try not to make them hate you for your behavior or hurt them. One thing you can do to prevent saying some words you would regret later is pretend you’re being recorded. If you say some nasty stuff, it can be used against you, be embarrassing afterward, or just a dumb thing to say.


April 20, 2017

Weed Day 2017

So we just had Challenge Day!

For those of you that don’t know, Challenge Day is a day where we skip class and have these super nice adults come and talk to us about stereotypes and help us develop empathy. They also make you cry. A lot. I’m talking from experience: I cried. THE. WHOLE. FREAK’N DAY.

Today was probably one of the most life-changing days of my life. It was an eye-opening event and made me think in other people’s perspective and taught us a bit of empathy.

A local church was the host of the event. The Challenge Day was for grade 8. We started the day at the church and didn’t have to go to school. At first, I was just excited for the fact that I’d miss class. Now to think of it, I feel so clean. I just took a shower but not only physically, emotionally. You wouldn’t imagine how changed I felt. For all those Hispanic-Latino people reading this, it’s like one of those moments in La Virgen de Guadalupe where the person feels that gush of air after the realization of something.


We did this activity where there’d be two lines of tape taped (¯\_(ツ)_/¯) on the floor. The whole grade plus chaperones would stand behind one line. It was a bit (not really, you could literally feel the air closing in on us, it was crowded) stuffy, so there’d be rows of people behind us. One of the people from Challenge Day, the organization, would be at the end of the rows of tape and have, I guess, a script. On that were the questions and then some tear-inducing phrases. I’m not entirely sure but I’m sure, I’m positive they had some stories in there to make us more human. Either that or they’re great at Improv.

Oh, I almost forgot. Nearing the end of the program, they made us go around and they had a very up-tempo song blaring in the background. We went around doing any of the following: telling people we appreciate them, apologizing, and just being there for them. I just went around saying sorry. Some people looked at me funny but I seriously want to be at peace with myself and I just need to be forgiven for absolutely anything I must have done to disrespect them because no way had I not disrespected them at least one time.

This is where I end it.

Hopefully, I keep at posting. It’s the first and I feel I’m not going to make it.