The Continuation of “Really Long Summary of Flipped A.K.A. One of the Best Books in the Entire History of Publishing”

Ha ha! Finally something I actually go back to and hopefully (no promises though) finish!

If you know me personally or just know my antic style, you should also be fully aware of my whole not medically diagnosed condition of procrastination.

I have a big issue finishing things. Especially when I have other things to finish. And the school year is coming to a close, so I’ve got that to worry about, too.

Some of you might be like, “Hey, V. What the f are you worried about? You’re just a simple teen who’s not even a teen and who just spends all her time rotting away on the internet and who has no social life away from emails to friends.”

Well, you’re right, but for someone who’s doing some things over the summer when they literally would do nothing over the whole entire year, it is a pretty drastic change.

I’ve also got friends this year, so I got that going for me, which is nice.

Image result for i've got that goin for me which is nice

Anyway, let’s continue with the actual purpose of this blog post.

If you want the previous post about Flipped A.K.A. One of the Best Books in the Entire History of Publishing, click on the words ¨slime man

So leaving off from where we ended, the tension between Mr. Goldilocks and Queen Juli is ever present. She avoids him, she hates him, whereas he seems to want to patch things up because, if you don’t already know, he has a crush on her.

A few days after that whole sit-down dinner, this really, really great event happens.

The 1963 Basketboy Auction is this thing where several boys with lunches in a basket are auctioned off individually. The person that places the highest bid gets to eat lunch with the boy they placed the bid on. You both get to eat whatever is in the basket and just talk.

Juli had some money from selling her hens’ eggs, but she doesn’t want to bid. To avoid temptation, she leaves the money she has at home. She thinks that if she has some money, she’d place a bid on Bryce and eventually lose out because of Sherri, Bryce’s ex-girlfriend (who has a major crush on Bryce).

Her plan fails when one of the people she sells her eggs to gives her some money because she hasn’t paid her. Juli tries to tell her that she doesn’t want it, but to no avail. In the end, she’s got money.

Garrett tells Bryce he saw Juli with a huge wad of money and that he’d be willing to bet that she’s betting on him. Bryce gets excited, he wants to talk to her and everything, but Juli bets on the boy before him. She bets 8 dollars on this nerdy boy who brought onion dip and is into airplanes and fishing.

He’s heartbroken. In the end, Sherri bets on him and wins. She pays a hefty amount, too. I’m guessing 50 bucks.

So now they’re eating lunch. Sherri really likes him and tries to engage with him and talk. Problem is that Juli, his Juli, is sitting next to him and Sherri. He can’t stop looking at her and thinking about how she looks exactly like the one on the newspaper.

Image result for flipped gif

For those of you that can’t read Spanish, it says, ¨How can she just sit there, laugh and look so beautiful?¨ I live for these moments people, you don’t understand.

Bryce gets up. Moves to her direction. Says, ¨I need to talk to you, Juli.¨ Pulls her off her chair.

And attempts to kiss her.

Image result for bryce & julie kiss

Look at her face! She’s absolutely revolted at the idea of kissing him even though she’s wanted it for so long!

But he got curbed. Really. Juli dodges his attempt and runs away crying. She bikes home.

Bryce tries to catch up with her, but meets Garrett. Garrett says that he’s flipped, he had a date with the hottest girl in the school and he blew it for someone like Juli.

Image result for flipped gif

Garrett has always been a Jryce hater. Maybe he’s jealous. Who wouldn’t be? PS. It doesn’t happen like that, I just couldn’t find a good gif about it.

Bryce gets a little hotheaded (I mean, Garrett was a pretty crappy guy, so you can’t blame him) and punches him.

Bryce walks back home with a basket full of dirty dishes and a broken heart. At this point, he doesn’t care what others think about him and Juli, he likes her and that’s that. Nothing’s going to stop him from liking her.

Once home, he calls the Bakers. They don’t answer, so he goes over to the Bakers and knocks. Ms. Baker wants Juli to get it, but she doesn’t want to see Bryce after the whole near-kiss situation.

A few days pass when Juli sees Bryce digging up something in the front yard.

She is maaaaaad. All her hard work and he’s there cutting up her grass. Grass she grew.

Juli tells her dad and he’s like, ¨I said it was okay.¨

Bryce then appears carrying a sycamore tree.

Juli comes out and asks him if he needs any help.

And this happens.

Image result for flipped sycamore tree juli

Boys, take note. This is how you get a girl to like you.

Image result for flipped book meme

And it ends like that. Juli gets the kiss she’s been waiting for and Bryce gets Juli to like him back.

Go read the book. It’s great, and if you don’t think so, you can fight me. I dare you.


Novelas: Romanticizing a Whole $%^#load of Things

Okay, I’m going to rant for a bit. Just a warning, but there may be a tad of rambling with some errors because yeah, that’s me. Let’s start.

I’m a sucker for a happy ending. I’m also a sucker for a good plot and storyline and characters not being killed off.

*Cough* Suzanne Collins *cough*

I am also a big fan of telenovelas. For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, they’re just Hispanic/Latino soap operas. Sort of like The Young and the Restless. They’re quite famous for having the characters all glammed up with makeup, overreactions, and the following meme:

Image result for cry in spanish

Both of my parents are Mexican and in our home, novelas are our Keeping Up with the Kardashians, in a way. They’re incredibly dramatic and have some really over-the-top acting. There are lots of great actresses and actors and very talented writers.

At our household, we normally enjoy the ones with guns and drugs and cartels and everything. My mother’s dad and she would watch things like that when they were younger and my dad’s just been into that stuff since forever.

Now that I’ve stated all that, let’s get on to the good stuff.

Novelas, first of all, seem to make the lady protagonist very dainty and very weak compared to the male lead. Now, occasionally, some novela comes out saying that the woman lead is a strong, independent lady who doesn’t need a man to validate her worth, but that’s a whole bunch of bull%^&$.

Why am I cursing so much?

Back to the point though, you can’t have someone that’s an independent leader and who is very, hmm… love needing or reassured security, you know? It may not have sounded right, but the woman in the novela is typically the one who needs saving, the damsel in distress, but it may not be shown as the traditional way. The woman may be some sort of workaholic who isn’t very chill, who’s really stressed. Enter stage left, a man who will somehow make things better and lead you to the right direction (did anyone notice the play on words). The woman may be someone who is self-conscious and insecure. Or, like this one novela that started a bit ago, she may be a fan of some rich dude or some actor. They fall in love and it’s sort of that whole situation of a celebrity falling in love with a fan.

The point of all that writing for those of you that didn’t understand was that women are still being portrayed in a very sexist manner. Machismo (it couldn’t find an English way to say it, but just look it up) is still present in the film industry. It’s probably going to stay that way for a long time.

Oh, and can we just talk about the place fo LGBTQ people in novelas? You don’t typically see any, and I mean any, characters who are part of the LGBTQ community. When there are some, the show typically tries to make them the hero and try to make being lesbian, bisexual, genderqueer, etc., incredibly okay (which it absolutely is). But here’s the bad thing: aside from that one show, the other shows on the same channel or the same show itself seem to make the characters comply with associated stereotypes and labels given to people who are LGBTQ. And that’s really upsetting because they try to make it look okay, but then at the same time, are ridiculing it and making it seem dumb, irrational, or unusual.

There’s this one show – it’s not a novela, but it’s shown on Univision which is this very important Hispanic channel that shows novelas too – about this guy who’s boss sleeps in his apartment after him and his wife get a divorce.

Image result for durmiendo con mi jefe

Some of you people who watch this stuff may already know what it’s called. Durmiendo con mi Jefe (Sleeping With my Boss), like I said a bit earlier, is about some guy. His boss lives with him after a divorce because his wife got a whole bunch of property and most of what was his. Anyway, the boss has a daughter and son – they’re both adults – and they seem to not like him because of his conservative views and his affair with another woman and him being the reason the divorce actually happened. The son mentioned above is gay. I’m happy they have a person who isn’t straight on this show, but they seem to make jokes about the son.A

Aall. The. Freaking. Time.They have this one episode about the guy finding out the boss’s son is gay and they try hiding it from the boss. It’s just bad, I’m getting a headache trying to summarize it.

They have this one episode about the guy finding out the boss’s son is gay and they try hiding it from the boss. It’s just bad, I’m getting a headache trying to summarize it.

They crack some jokes about him being too feminine and being too this and that. They say jokes about how he’s gay and how his dad, who’s the “greatest guy” and “hot” and a whole bunch of blasphemy, is so masculine. It’s so dumb.

Another bad thing is that you don’t really see any difference in the protagonists. The protagonists are generally some skinny, muscular, “attractive” people. I said “attractive” because they’re typically models and body builders and things like that. They’re people that may be deemed as attractive and sexy by large amounts of people.

For example, Wendy Gonzalez is this model who then acted on Como Dice el Dicho. She got some huge fame for that. They get some models with a physique that is so not us. Most people don’t have abs. People on TV do though and since they see them getting chicks and dudes, they may feel pressured to do whatever they can to get that body. They tell us to practice body acceptance when they’re aren’t really any celebrities that have bodies like us. That’s just my thought on it.

And the fact that they romanticize things like being an immigrant sucks! There’s this one novela that finally ended.

I mean, I liked it, but I just liked all the slaps and the petty drama. That’s me. When your life’s as bland as a cracker, you have to go with the next best thing: TV.

Anyway, Vino el Amor was that type of novela that has this strong female lead, but at the same time, she is not strong nor independent. Her emotions were in such a turmoil and she can’t freaking make her mind on what guy sh]’\)Le wants. She keeps changing them like a pair of underwear.

The novela is about immigrants who work at this vineyard. They’re illegal in the beginning, but after some of them get deported, the boss fills out paperwork and the workers there become naturalized citizens.

The people deported is the protagonist and her father. The father dies, she goes back to the U.S.

Before I go on, it’s a remake of this Chilean novela, La Chúcara. 

Image result for la chucara

Just look at the similarities.

Image result for vino el amor

And the thing is that they weren’t released to far apart. La Chúcara was released in 2014 and Vino el Amor in late 2016.

It just romanticized the notion of being an immigrant. Like, not too many people get married to some middle-aged sickly rich dude when they’re, like, 20. I just felt it was a bit too meh and like the writers were trying to make something normal, that’s common, into a novela. It didn’t work.

They’ve done it again with this novela. This one seems more acceptable since it is meant to be really different and really not relatable. There’s a whole bunch of things we don’t see much of like singing corporations and stuff like that.

To any novela writers, stop doing the above and try to implement actual relatable things and putting more people that look like us and are us into your shows.

Really Long Summary of Flipped A.K.A. One of the Best Books in the Entire History of Publishing

If you know me, you must know my favorite book of all time, Flipped. Some may not know the title, but it’s that book with the upside down yellow chick on it. It’s the best book ever, no joke. This’ll be a series of posts. I might as well just make my blog about books and movies since that’s what the good content is.

Image result for flipped book

Yeah, the title and the image are very symbolic which is why Yours Truly loves this book.

Flipped is a she said/he said book. The format is really clever. One part is from the boy’s POV (point of view for those of you who don’t know the term) and the other is from the girl’s. It’s a really creative way to write and also lets you pick sides on who you relate more to and who’s just right (you’ll see what I mean).

To make a long story short, it’s about this boy that moves into this neighborhood. He ends up moving across from the Bakers. They have this one daughter who likes Bryce Loski (that’s the guy that moved into the neighborhood) from the start. Unfortunately, he detests her. When they first meet, she wants to help unpack the myriad of packages they brought from their home. Bryce and his dad don’t want her to help, so his dad says to go help his mom with the dishes or something. He runs off. Guess who’s behind him? You guessed right, Julianna Baker (that’s that girl). She tries to grab him or something and he tries to dodge her attempts, but they end up holding hands.

Image result for flipped kids

Oh my gosh. They’re holding hands, I can now die in peace.

Yeah, it’s a chick flick. So what? Fight me.

Anyway, she still is pretty annoying to him in the months to come. She tries to find him and he does everything in his power to avoid her. She does all this because she obviously has a humongous crush on the dude. She also just wants a friend and he seems like a pretty cool dude, so why not?

The point here is Juli’s crushing big time.

Image result for flipped bryce

I mean, how could she not? Just look at him.

They go to the same school and everything. Near the bus stop they get on to go to school, there’s this huge, majestic sycamore tree. She loves it. As a child, Juli and her brothers would climb it and it just had so many memories.

They cut it down.

Image result for flipped juli

Look at Juli too. They were meant to be. They’d look so cute together.

Juli climbs up before they cut it down and tries to make the people that are in charge of cutting it down not cut it down (I’m rambling, aren’t I?). She tells all the kids to come up there. Juli begs Bryce to go up there especially. If you were ever a kid, you might recall the little song they used (or still do) to sing. I don’t know, it goes like, ¨Juli and Bryce sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.¨ Bryce’s initial reaction was to go up there, but at the same time, he didn’t want to be ¨late for school¨ (I mean, come on. That’s the lamest excuse I’ve heard. I don’t think he would have cared if he missed a day of school.), but the real reason he doesn’t want to go up there is because he doesn’t want all the kids at school to think him and Juli were a thing.

I know, it sucks.

She’s the only one to go up there and in the end, a huge crowd gathers and she appears in the newspaper. It’s a huge deal. She stays up there till late after school. Juli stayed the whole day up there in the tree in hopes the owner of the property wouldn’t cut it down. Her dad comes and eventually she goes down. Juli is crying, devastated.

Her dad, being a freelance artist and superb full-time dad, paints her the sycamore tree. He tells her that the whole is worth more than the parts. A cow is just a cow and a tree is just a tree, but a cow, a tree, the wind blowing through the dewy grass is more than just a cow, just the wind, just the grass.

Image result for flipped painting

Seriously, Parent goals, amirite? Well, my parents are pretty cool as is, so probs not.

Okay, that part came a little bit earlier, but still, I was wondering where to put it and I couldn’t find a proper place. It’s there right now and it’ll stay right there. You don’t like it? Fight me.

I’m just joking. Don’t actually fight me, I’d fall after the first punch. Sorry for whatever.

In the months to come, she goes the longer way. She can’t bear looking at the trunk of the sycamore tree. She goes the longer way on a bike. It rained a lot during that season. She didn’t care, she got wet.

I forgot to mention that Bryce’s grandpa is living with them. His grandma, unfortunately, passed away. His grandpa sees Juli in the newspaper and is weirdly reminded of his late wife.

He talks to Bryce about her and he is interested in getting to know her better since he reminds her so freaking much about his wife.

Bryce is a bit weirded out. He looks at what his grandpa was saying though and starts feeling a bit of a crush for Juli.

Juli has been giving chicken eggs to the Loskis (Bryce’s family). She is selling them to her neighbors, but they’re the only exception.

*cue ¨The Only Exception¨ by Paramore*

Image result for the only exception gif

I seriously love this song. Go binge-listen to all their songs pls.

They are eating the eggs and then someone mentions something about babies in the eggs. The dad then tells Bryce to figure out if they had a rooster.

Bryce is deathly afraid of Juli, we mustn’t forget that important detail.

Bryce talks to his friend, Garrett, about it. In the end, they go look over her fence to see if there were any roosters. They find out the Baker’s backyard is a complete ¨disaster.¨ There’s no grass or anything.

Bryce tells his parents. His sister says something about salmonella. His dad tells Bryce to tell Juli Baker they don’t want her eggs anymore.

Like I said earlier, he is deathly afraid of Juli.

So he ends up throwing the eggs away.

And it continues for so long. One day, Juli delivers her eggs promptly. She stays there for a bit on the porch, just wondering about Mr. Goldilocks and his luscious hair; his blue eyes; you know, daydreaming.

Out of nowhere, Bryce comes out from around the corner with the trash. He has to throw it away. Juli sees a corner of her egg carton. She’s no fool and she realizes the horrible truth. Bryce says that he was throwing them away because ¨just look at your yard!¨

She gets mad and eventually stops talking to him.

She starts losing interest, but she still likes him a bit.

Chet (Bryce’s grandpa) goes over one day when Juli was slaving in the summer heat setting up a fence. They become friends. He tells her about who she reminds him about and gives him insider information about Bryce.

Image result for chet and juli

¨Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss…¨ He turned to me. ¨But every once in a while, you find someone who’s iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare.¨

She tells him why her house was like that. They rent it. The landlord has to be in charge of all the greenery and the house, but he doesn’t and the Bakers can’t take care of it.

Juli says that the reason they rent it is so that her uncle Daniel can go to a private facility and be taken care of properly. Her uncle is mentally disabled because the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck as a baby. The doctors couldn’t take it out.

It’s really expensive.

Chet one day explodes and says all that when Bryce’s dad keeps on complaining about Chet spending more time with Juli, a virtual stranger. He tells them about the eggs, about everything Bryce did.

Image result for uncle daniel flipped

Bryce’s mom feels guilty. She invites them to come over for dinner one day. Juli’s mom was very, um, distrusting towards them and felt betrayed after Juli tells them what Bryce told her. She thinks that a boy his age couldn’t come up with anything like that. Chet wouldn’t do that because they personally knew him. His parents had to have something to do with it.

Before her inviting them, Juli is at the library, doing homework like any sane middleschooler would. This girl comes right next to her and says that Bryce might like her. That he was looking at her. Juli was not believing it, but hey, if it was true, then what?

They went to where Bryce and Garrett were. Bryce was talking about Juli’s uncle. Garrett says that that explains why she’s like that. Bryce, having something for Juli, said what. (I can remember this part like it was scarred into my brain through watching and reading the book so many times) Garrett said, ¨Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, right?¨ Bryce wants to punch him and all that. He just laughs though because bros before girls, amirite? Wrong. That was so wrong on another level. Anyway, Juli hears and at that point, her feelings towards Mr. Goldilocks changes.

She stops liking him. She wonders how the heck did she like a guy like him. All the things she liked about him turn into just things. His beautiful, blue eyes just turn into eyes of a person she strongly dislikes. His peach fuzz turns into just peach fuzz. His scent of watermelon no longer seems attractive.

I cried at this part. It’s really sad.

Anyway, as the date of the dinner between the Bakers and Loskis nears, Bryce’s feelings for Juli intensifies. Seriously. The day of the dinner, he has an awfully hard time trying to figure out what to wear. Just because of Juli.

The dinner was very tense. The Bakers brought some pies and Mrs. Loski and Mrs. Baker seemed to not be as tense. They sit across from each other and Juli, being an example for all girls out there, doesn’t talk or look at Bryce. When they leave, she apologizes for her behavior. He’s mad because she apologized and yeah, it’s like the whole Juli-likes-Bryce situation again. Juli hates him and Bryce loves her.


There’s a whole bunch more. I’m going to do two parts of this though. Sorry for the cliffhanger, but hey, I will tell you tomorrow what happens, so it’s not really a cliffhanger. Your arguments are invalid.

Plus, no ones sees the posts, so is it really a cliffhanger if no one sees it?

Things on the News

My heart is with anyone who was involved in the explosion in Manchester, Marawi, Bangkok, and Syria. I’m deeply sorry and I truly hope that you will find a way to help ease the pain these events caused.

I don’t understand why all the hate. We are supposedly ¨the advanced generation.¨ We are the generation with phones, with tools that weren’t available before. We have so much, but our value of proper morale and respect are drifting away. I’m sad. My heart aches because the event in Manchester had children. There were people in there who were just beginning to live. There was a victim who unfortunately passed away in Manchester that was eight. I’m tearing up right now at the thought of it. She was just a baby and she died because of some person wanting to do all that, of wanting to spread terror. I just want to say I’m sorry and I know that it must be so hard, but you must stay strong. We all must look out for each other because of all the acts of hate and terrorist acts.

I hope that we all do something to fix this. If we see something, say it. Things can be avoided with proper intervention. We can stop things like this from happening by putting in a part of us. Sure, stuff like this may continue on happening, but by staying strong and urging our legislatures to do something about it, the number of innocent lives being destroyed will fall. We must not fall into the stereotypes of Muslims being bombers. We must not judge someone before we know them. By banning a whole religion, like what some Australian legislatures have in mind, it will harm us and just make things worse. If you disagree with something, say it.

ISIS is doing bad stuff and we must stop it. By not falling into terror and stepping up, we can help.

If you read this, please pray for those in refuge, those who passed away, and those who are still suffering. Pray for those that are contemplating doing massacres and committing sins against others. There are several threads being posted on Twitter that I saw that have what to do in case entrapped in a stampede or in an event that this may happen. God forbid that these events continue to happen, but we must be at the ready and be prepared, so lives aren’t lost.

Problems I’m Experiencing

So in my first period class on Friday, I saw my water bottle which was on the desk shaking a bit. I started freaking out a bit and asked my partner if she was tapping her feet or something. She looked at me and then saw my hands and said that I was shaking. That’s when I got worried more and started panicking and pinching my face and neck.

It happened really badly on Thursday. After that, half of the school day on Friday and a little bit in the afternoon. And then today.

It’s not, like, extreme shaking. It’s just a small tremor in my legs and arms. I’ve been having trouble focusing too and while writing, I seem to be forgetting how to spell. Thank God for Grammarly though right?!

Anyway, someone said that the whole shaking thing must have been low blood sugar. Maybe, I haven been eating very well the last week.

Either that or that lack of sleep is really catching up to me and actually affecting me. I can usually just wake up and not feel drowsy or tired even if I didn’t sleep well the night before.

Eh, well, if anyone has an idea on what may be happening, tell me! I’m worried! Hopefully it’s nothing, but I just want to know why this is happening! Bye, bye darlings (what am I turning to, urgh) and have a good time!

Image result for shaking scared gif

Ha, this is an accurate representation of me in math and STEAM last week.

One Month Anniversary!

Please proceed in clicking the link below for some happy, moving music.

Click right here my friend and show me your dance moves

Anyway, happy one month anniversary! I didn’t realize this momentous occasion had come until I received this email from WordPress or something.

Now, I will truly, truly actually dedicate time to this blog. I just found this technique that works. I tested it with this history project that was due yesterday and it helped me in focusing. It’s called the Pomodoro technique. You have 25 minutes of absolute work time. You must eliminate all distractions. After those 25 minutes, you get 5 minutes of break. You keep doing that and after about the fourth one, you increase the break time to 15 minutes and so forth.

Thanks to everyone who has actually been following this blog (an exclusive one person) and to Elm, who there may be a collab with!

Image result for birthday party blower gif

Blog Update 5/16

I need to improve on the quality and quantity of blog posts written. At first, they were more creative and better. Now, it’s less careless. I’m sorry. I’ve been carried away with schoolwork and some extracurricular things. I’ll plan to dedicate more time and effort to this blog during the summer since I don’t have much except a class, volunteer work and then this camp thing. If you have an idea for a blog post, comment and tell me! My brain is as dry as the Atacama Desert as far as ideas go.

PS. I’m very aware not much people read this. Scratch that, a total of maybe one or two actually read these, but meh. There was a person from Indonesia that read a blog post yesterday so at least that happened.