What day is it again? -everyone

Hello, guys!

I had this blog post I was going to post the other day but then God must have thought it was stupid or something and put a helping hand.

Anyways, there was no post.

You: Thanks, Captain Obviousness.

But there is no post.

Sorry (not sorry). I’ve been out and about all this month which meant no post. By out and about, I obviously mean that I’ve been at home just sobbing and dreading going back to school.

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Yup. I bet you it’s crossed all of our minds at some point this summer. School’s coming up and it’s just like why.

I’ve just been avoiding my responsibilities so much this summer. Like, I need a bit more time to get into reading and into math and the torturous P.E.

And I’ve been eating every 35 minutes just because I’m bored so by having one lunch and the “no food” (I mean, come on, we ALL sneak food in) policy certainly doesn’t help.

You know what? I bet I’ll cry or something because I’m missing the latest episode of The Loud House. Or because I’ve got to be in a room of 35 students and do work.

And then the drama! Don’t even get me started! Although I’m not involved, do you ever want to see some kids with a face like they’ve got some dragon dung under their nose whenever they see their ex or their “enemy” or people they “hate?”


I’m just very, very, very, very exasperated at the fact that I’m going to school again. For the 12th (is that right? I went to kinder and two years of preschool so…?) year straight. Can you imagine?

And then it’s highschool so double whoopie! even though we all now that hell’s about to break loose.

Like, even my skin must know so because it’s so angry. It’s angrier than Mr. Trump (cuz I don’t want to ruin my prospects here) would’ve been if he lost the presidency or if he gets impeached (we can only wish at this point.)

Oh, and I’ve got the biggest crush on a guy I can’t carry a full-on conversation with. Triple whoopie-do!

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It’s all going downhill, my friends. It’s all going *stifles yawn/sob* downhill.

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And might I include I’ve been going to sleep at, like, 2 A.M. and waking up at 1 in the afternoon? Once school starts, I’ll be in serious trouble. Why? You can’t be sleeping during Math II because reasons.

What I’m going to miss the most is being so socially ignorant. Like, I have not gone on any social media. No, that’s a lie; I have gone on it but just not obsessively or the “just one more minute and twenty minutes pass” thing. So yeah, tomayto, tomahto.

Come on, ask me if my best friend’s still alive. What the heck do I know? I mean, I hope she’s alive because I love her so much and she’s rad but I have no clue.

Ask me if the Donald’s tweeted something else and which minority or cultural group has been offended or disrespected, I wouldn’t know.

Heck, ask me about wisdom teeth and how they do it and I’ll be like

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Oh, wait. I actually do know about that. I even watched so many videos on YouTube about it that I literally could’ve run a mile and still be watching wisdom teeth being extracted and ground (is that the right word) and your gums being destroyed.

And we all know what a slow runner I am.

Oh, by the way, if any of you are feeling quite feverish or, even better, have a dentist appointment or wisdom tooth/teeth (?) extraction, please do by all means watch the following videos because I told you so.

Obviously unicorns pooping rainbows

Totally Drarry having a kid, hehe

Have fun sleeping tonight, Sherlocks.

Toodle-loo and till the next one. I’ll try (we all know what this means) posting more and better content. I have a posting schedule of some sort and make a YouTube channel or something so I can terrorize some other innocent children.

If anything of that sort does happen, you’ll be the first to know.

If I manage to talk to my crush, you will most certainly be the last person (is anyone here a potato?) to know because privacy things and all.

Thanks for hearing reading me ramble about stuff I have no clue on. Anyway, for real right now, toodle-loo and till next time.

UPDATE: BBF is alive and well.


Problems I’m Experiencing

So in my first period class on Friday, I saw my water bottle which was on the desk shaking a bit. I started freaking out a bit and asked my partner if she was tapping her feet or something. She looked at me and then saw my hands and said that I was shaking. That’s when I got worried more and started panicking and pinching my face and neck.

It happened really badly on Thursday. After that, half of the school day on Friday and a little bit in the afternoon. And then today.

It’s not, like, extreme shaking. It’s just a small tremor in my legs and arms. I’ve been having trouble focusing too and while writing, I seem to be forgetting how to spell. Thank God for Grammarly though right?!

Anyway, someone said that the whole shaking thing must have been low blood sugar. Maybe, I haven been eating very well the last week.

Either that or that lack of sleep is really catching up to me and actually affecting me. I can usually just wake up and not feel drowsy or tired even if I didn’t sleep well the night before.

Eh, well, if anyone has an idea on what may be happening, tell me! I’m worried! Hopefully it’s nothing, but I just want to know why this is happening! Bye, bye darlings (what am I turning to, urgh) and have a good time!

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Ha, this is an accurate representation of me in math and STEAM last week.

Leadership VS. Group of Tweens

The title practically describes it a bit.

Today some seventh graders were held afterschool because someone was saying bless you while saluting the flag. Now, the people who are in charge of that grade started getting on them.

One of the people in charge started yelling at them and doing a great job.

The problem is they won’t listen. Some of my seventh grade friends were making fun of her because of how she yelled or how she was near or was crying. I was telling them how they shouldn’t; blahty, blah, blah, blaht. Anyway, they won’t listen to me.

The thing is that they do some pretty bad stuff from what I’ve heard. And they applaud each other for the bad they do except if it involves their friends.

If the person sees this, I’m sorry you’re frustrated. They’re seventh graders and most won’t understand your point.

I even told my brother and he was still making fun of that whole situation.

Oh, jinkies.

Spanish Test

We just took a Spanish placement test. Let me just say that writing is not my specialty. I like it: it’s very therapeutic, easy way to express yourself, all that jazz. The problem is my writing is different from the acceptable form of writing. I add way too much punctuation, start sentences with “incorrect phrases,” and so much more. Anyway, just know I’m bad at writing in Spanish with rules and all that.

OHHHHH. AND THOSE DARN TILDES AND ACCENTS. I asked most people. They said they sort of know it or have NO FREAKING IDEA WHERE TO PUT THEM. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

The thing is I come from a Spanish household. My parents expect me to know the rules and all that. They’ll correct my brother and me when we text or when we just charlar (This was in a passage in the test. We don’t use that vocabulary in our life though so it was like why?). I’m stubborn to my way so I don’t really pay attention to their lectures on grammar and conjugations.

There was a part where we just listened to this clip. It was just 3 people talking about what chores they’d do and we’d have to write who would do what. That was easy.

I really, really, liked this one section where we had to match questions to answers for this talk show or advice thing. Great. I really liked that one part.

Back to the writing, there was this once question where we had to describe a scene. I sometimes say I can spell in Spanish meh-level but I think that was one of the things that led to my screwy-upness. I overthought everything. From a simple word like mochila to sucedido some other words. Hopefully, I go to Spanish 2 though. I’m praying right now (now really).

Interesting Things about People (focuses more on earlobes though)

This’ll be a list I add onto over time. It’ll be cool things about people like weird habits or some things they do. May not be interesting, but I wanted to document it. Anyway, here goes nothing.

Nose changes

So I do this thing after school at this place. Don’t want to be specific, but so this one girl, let’s call her P. We were all laughing and I noticed that when she would talk her nose sort of became shorter and then longer from the profile view. She was sitting right next to me, but she was at the head and a bit to the side. Anyway, it would just elongate and then shorter and just repeat like the beating of a heart as long as she was talking.

Not that many people have attached earlobes

Now, this one is not a novelty: my parents know I’m obsessed with ears, more specifically earlobes. Why? One word: Buddha. If you look him up and view the images, you can see that his earlobes are very long and are detached. I looked into this and earlobe length and condition may describe you in a way. For example, the longer the detached earlobe, the wiser you are. Not smarter as in textbook smart, but as in philosophical smart, as spiritually smart.

Image result for buddha

For those of you that need some clarification on what attached and detached earlobes are, attached earlobes are basically not dangling and are attached, hence the name, and connected to the bottom of the ear and jaw in a straight line. I don’t know if I explained it all right, but I’m including a picture so stop and stare.

Image result for attached earlobes

Le marvelous earlobe

The struggle one must go through when no one gets your reference to OneRepublic because they’re busy hearing other artists

Detached earlobes are earlobes that are detached from the head and basically dangle. Like I said before, Buddha had these.

Image result for detached earlobes

I also found out that I have attached ear lobes. This isn’t as common as detached. I looked more into it and realized that attached earlobes are recessive whereas the other is dominant. Doing a quick inspection of my family, my mom’s side have the detached earlobes and my dad’s side have the attached earlobes. It makes sense why my mom had the dominant trait because they have way too many recessive traits, my dad needed a trait too. Out of my immediate family, my dad and I are the only ones who have attached earlobes. One of my best friends, a seventh grader, has attached earlobes which perfectly explains why we have stayed friends for three whole years and not turned crazy (it doesn’t).

A Talk about Suicide

If you see this and you have suicidal thoughts, please, please, please, go ask for help. If you need someone to listen to you or just a shoulder to cry on, I’m here. You’d be surprised at how good it is to just let it all out and let someone know what you are going through. Go to your friends or people you trust. Tell them. If you trust no one, just shout it out to the void, write it, say it, just do something and express it in some way. Do your best and stay strong because it will get better. Even if it doesn’t look like it, it will.

I’m seriously worried about people I don’t even know. They are cutting, they are bleeding, they are crying tears they shouldn’t have cried in the first place. They are living lives with lies and smiling when all they want to do is stop feeling that way and just be able to be happy. They are covering their scars with sleeves and smiles. They are doing all this and it’s our job as fellow brothers to help each other.

If you know someone that is having these thoughts, go to them. Help them. Persist. Be there for them. Be the shoulder they need to cry on. Be the person they need to tell. Be the person they need to trust in and be there for them when it all breaks down.

Suicide is something that can be prevented and should. We have the tools to reach out and to do something about it. If you need help, ask. No one will judge you and if they do, ignore them, they may not understand. If you want to help, go ahead. If your friend gets mad at you for telling a teacher or their parent, just remember it’s better to have them angry at you for telling than have them 6 feet underground, dead.

Challenge Day Vandalizer

The church that served as a venue for our Challenge Day was supposedly vandalized. The male’s restroom was and now the whole eighth grade’s going to face the consequences of some pubescent boy’s foolish actions.

Yeah, I’m mad.

First of all, our reputation is going down the drain. Well, it’s been down the drain, but it’s tipping the scale now. Second of all, our dances and our end-of-the-year field trip are suspended until further notice because of the boy.


We’ve been trying so hard on this dance and have become involved more. Now they want to take it away.

The principal sorted of hinted that the guy must’ve stuffed paper towels down the toilet. She said that they have some suspects (then why were they asking us?) and that it was a test of integrity. We all found out today though. How would we be able to know who did it if we just find out today? The principal also said that the whole situation had happened here also, at school. They also have cameras. Lots and lots of cameras. In the bathroom (not sure, but my bet’s on it) and outside of it.

So the guy’s cooked. He’s most definitely caught.

My friend and I both thought immediately of the popular boys. It must have been them.

Anyway, the bathrooms in there are great, too. Why would they do that? I mean, there was lotion and the mirrors were so great. They had this cool vintage lamp and a nice, quaint room with a vanity and a sofa. Not only that, they had these little stools for little kids to stand on to wash their hands. The stalls were bigger than ours at school and were all super-duper clean. Like, BRO. Stop vandalizing.

And the thing is that that church has been absolutely generous with our school. My first period teacher said they’ve donated more than $15,000 on us. Woah.

So if the guy who vandalized it sees this, please speak up and go say you did it. If you did it and you keep quiet, everyone will hate you. Seriously, the day we just found out people were so upset. Just go to the principal and confess and everyone will be content.

UPDATE: At the end of the day, the principal said in front of the whole school that they already have two people suspended. During fourth period, they were taking a few members of the band of popular, jock kids. Like I said earlier, probably those types of kids. Some of the kids that cause some of the biggest problems are leaving, so they really have nothing to lose if they do get caught.

2ND UPDATE: In the morning, an officer came and said that he would be merciless on the person who did it if he finds out who did it. He said our principal would go easy on the dude, but he wouldn’t. He then said about how we needed to take others accountable but like I said earlier: girls can’t go into the boys’ restroom or do anything to know if they did it since the guys are keeping quiet about it. Oh, well. Too late for it now.