Good music for people like me

Hullo, fellow inhabitants of the internet.

It’s been a purty crazy week.

In all seriousness, a pretty good one. One with not as much sleep as I’m used to, but still pretty good.

As you may already know, summer is coming to a close and school is starting again, or in my case, already started. The whole struggle with schedules and people and work is to be dealt with again, which sleeping beats any day, but what ya gonna do? Miss school and sleep all day? No, bro, I’ve had too many days like those to spare.

It’s been a grand total of three days and they’ve been pretty good, or as good as school can get. Why, might you ask?

Well, my schedule, first of all, was, like, conjured by the gods. It fits so well. My first period is with this teacher who’s pretty chill as of now. Second period is meh but is one of the only classes I share with my best friend. Third is the dreaded, dreaded P.E. but I’ve made a friend there so at least I’ve got a friend there while I’m dying. Fourth is with one of the coolest teachers I’ve known. Serious. FIfth is art and it’s my haven since I’m a wannabe “artist.” Sixth is the only thing I’m any good at, math. And I’ve got a couple friends and the teacher is great (she literally makes the best notes ever and explains everything so well unlike the stereotypical math teacher) and’s nice.

Image result for math teacher memes

So it’s like I’ve got no complaints.

Now, back to what the blog post is meant to be about.

I typically listen to really slow and meaningful music. Now, all most music is meaningful and is packed to the core with symbolism. I like music that isn’t just about people falling in love and all that, it gets bland to me, in a way, since I’m just a girl and I don’t really have the whole huge crush situation most girls my age have.

I’ll list some artists and songs that are A+ and just soooooooo amazing.


Image result for daughter band

Their music is so peaceful and it’s great for when you’re walking home or waiting for the bus. I really like “Medicine.” It’s meaningful and it’s so beautiful. Her voice is like a lullaby. You can’t go wrong with Daughter.

Pretty good song guys. Click on it before it gets radio famous.

“The Night We Met” by Lord Huron

Image result for lord huron the night we met

This song got famous because of the popular Netflix series, Thirteen Reasons Why. It’s such a beautiful song and the lyrics amazing.

By the way, book recommendation: Thirteen Reasons Why. Clay’s emotions and feelings about Hannah are shared by us and it’s a book that’s written in a way that’ll make you cry like never before. It’s gut-wrenching, raw, and will pull at your heartstrings, I assure you.

“My Eyes” by Lumineers

OKAY, LISTEN UP GANG. THIS IS MY BAND. I love them so freaking much, it’s not even a joke. Their music is, like the rest above, meaningful and the lyrics have a rhythm, a feel, they beat with your heart. You feel what the music wants you to feel. At least, I feel it. It moves you to pieces and it makes you question everything. It makes you feel so mushy inside.

I’d recommend just listening to their self-entitled album. If you like similar music, listen to that, but if you’re more into dramatic and storylines between songs, maybe try Cleopatra (album).

Troye Sivan

Image result for troye sivan memes

This is another artist I love to bits. His music is so touching and it actually hits close to home since I identify as asexual and I have plenty of friends who are LGBTQ. Troye Sivan is gay and his songs show his struggle with coming to terms with it and the struggles LGBTQ people feel when trying to come out of the closet or questioning their sexuality and/or gender identity. They also have this great beat and are very exciting to hear even if it isn’t the typical music I listen to.

I’m also a person who stalks his videos of when he’d actually upload on Youtube because you know, he doesn’t upload anymore because he’s as famous as Beyoncé (not really, but I’d like to think that).

Related imageRelated imageRelated image

Okay, well, that’s all. Since it’s back to school, I’ll be able to go back on a weekly schedule of some sort. No one reads these, but I like consistency and I like the whole concept and idea of a blog so here I am. Anyways, bye and thanks and don’t forget to floss.


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A girl nearly in high school who wears the midgets of stilettos biannually and who bingewatches Troye Sivan videos……………….slime man

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